Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So how's it going?

I'm in a blogging mood again lately, but haven't had much time to write up posts. Be warned, there may be a flurry of blog posts soon!

Homeschoolblogger.com is being glitchy after their update, so I might at long last set up a Moveable Type or WordPress blog. In the meantime, I feel a desire to spell out what our homeschooling looks like nowadays, two weeks before Christmas.

So... I wrote a bunch here, then moved it over to A Bit of Bubbly, my homeschooling blog. I found a good Mac browser (Firefox!) for Homeschoolblogger.com, so perhaps I'll be blogging over there more regularly now that my posts are less likely disappear in the midst of being written. Oh, and blogging a bit more here is a possibility, too!

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