Thursday, June 22, 2006


I think I'm done reading topical Anglican/Episcopal blogs and my favorite Anglican/Episcopal email list for a few days -- too much stress after our triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Sigh. Yet, hoorah that GC elected Katharine Jefferts Schori, Bishop of Nevada, as our presiding bishop-elect! Quite interesting that she has a doctorate in oceanography -- cool beans! (I applied to grad school for meteorology and oceanography.)

Speaking of my science-study past, I highly recommend Field Notes from a Catastrophe as a great, great intro to and overview of climate change, global warming, and its "on the ground" realities. I feel as though the author connected the dots for me, filling me in on the developments since my time in grad school. I recognized many of the scientists she discussed as well as their areas of research, and she brought me right into the present and what's taking place right now in this very, very, very readable and interesting book.

Next on my climate-change reading list: The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future, by Richard Alley, and the "Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises" research summary from the National Science Foundation.

Speaking of climate, weather, whatever... I'm still avoiding high air-conditioning use, line-drying all the wash, avoiding use of the oven and stove, etc. Continuing to try more ideas for grilled foods, but we're eating out too often in these last days of baseball season.

I'm getting a bunch of peaches, squash, and so on from our food co-op tonight. I plan to freeze lots of peach slices and shredded squash, and make a couple of peach pies between tonight and Saturday morning. I MUST eat more veggies and fruit; been doing terribly in that regard even though it's the beginning of harvest time locally. It's all of those baseball nights of grab-and-eat, or eat at the ball fields, or fast food. Sigh. Eat More Veggies (and peaches)!

Yesterday and last night the weather shifted from hot, hot, hot (upper 90s F) to cloudy, stormy, and a lot less hot -- "cool" would still be a stretch -- with highs in the upper 80s and high humidity, sigh again, for maybe up to a week. Oh my. I won't feel tooooo bad baking those peach pies. I think next week I'll try to cook peach cobbler in the cast-iron skillet on the grill; I wonder if that would work??

I haven't been knitting, haven't made much quiet time for myself, but am feebly starting to get the house back in shape for a little physical/visual peace and enjoyment. Most effective tool for all of those things: plenty of time at home. So, the last few days I've skipped MOMS Club morning activities and stayed home. Yesterday was delicious with the only commitment being a 9 pm T-ball tournament game (sadly Son2's team lost and is now out of the tournament, but they played well and scored lots of exciting runs and good plays).

On that note, I'm gonna press "Publish".

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