Saturday, May 13, 2006

She knits! I was starting to wonder.

I've been knitting dishcloths for months now. For almost that long I've been stuck at "thinking" points with my sock projects that are "on the needles," so in that state of stuck-ness I made lots of dishcloths. Finally I was able to demote my ratty old cloths to the rag bag, but I'm getting tired of dishcloths and stuck-ness. I now celebrate! because I knit several complicated rows on a sock during Son1's baseball game Thursday night. It also kept my mind off the cold evening breeze and my cold fingers. Yay! Woohoo!

About knitting "thinking" points and the state of being stuck:

The ruffled pink little-kid socks require me to manipulate a tiny two-stitch cable, and I have to refresh my finger-memory on that new-to-me skill. I have NOT had the brain flexibility lately to manage that. Last week I finally tossed a couple of toothpicks in that project bag 'cause they're the same size (diameter) but a LOT SHORTER THAN my sock needles! I hope that will make knitting that little sock on five needles plus a cable needle less like massaging a porcupine and will get me back to it. The 'cable' needle I liberated from that project is needed for my Harry Potter socks for Son1.

I started the Harry Potter socks nearly a year ago. I stalled at the toe of sock-the-first last fall; I knit cuff-down, so that sock was nearly done. Some months ago I had the bright idea of parking the toe of sock-the-first on dental floss so I can knit the final length to match growing-Son1's feet when sock-the-second is also at the toe. Then I started the cuff of sock-the-second. I stalled again about 10 rows later when I needed to chart out P-O-T-T-E-R and a loose checkerboard pattern to go around the cuff. (The first sock has H-A-R-R-Y.) I did the charting during a MOMS Club Sit-n-Stitch a couple of weeks ago and tucked the slip of paper into the project bag (ever so fancy: a zip-top plastic bag that fits in my purse).

With my complete-again set of needles at the ready, I started the P-O-T-T-E-R charted section at Thursday's baseball game. It's only five rows, and I got three done (did the third row twice, of course). Did I mention that this is two-color knitting? It doesn't look bad, and I'm now excited to finish the charted last two rows and get on to the rest of the leg. Woohoo! I am about to have semi-easy sock knitting in my purse again, hurrah! Gee golly, have I ever missed that.

My only worry, and it's a fairly big one, is that Son1 has probably grown out of these socks by now. Not length-wise -- I have that snazzy plan to finish both toes nearly simultaneously -- but in terms of whether the cuff will stretch over his heel. I think the only way out of that difficulty is to knit a second HP pair to fit him, by this fall. The current HP pair will fit me, but his feet are growing in every direction, not just length, sigh. Good thing I've now worked out all of the details. Hmm.

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