Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pad Thai and jasmine rice

Last night, thanks to some clearance'd items I picked up at the grocery store a while back, we learned that the whole family likes Pad Thai and jasmine rice. Yay! No need for a Pad Thai boxed kit next time; I'll pick up some rice noodles and either buy or make the sauce.

Yet again, I am reminded that all of us like various Asian dishes. Yum!

By the way, thanks to my now-daily habit of stopping by Facebook, my too-busy-to-blog mindset seems to have faded away. We'll see :)


Firefly said...

Hi Barb! I just got your link from ms. mcdougall :-). Thought I'd drop by your blog. I love asian food too. Have you tried Sooner Pho, down on campus corner?

Barbara said...

Hi there! I drive by Sooner Pho all the time, but have never stopped in. I haven't had Thai food since we lived in California and I don't know my way around a Thai menu, but the pad thai dinner with the kids has gotten me interested again. On a tangent, I had sushi for the first time recently, at In the Raw on Campus Corner. Upscale place, delicious food, great experience. said...

looks like Barb had enjoyed a real Asian Delicacy.. :) keep sharing, we love to read about your experiences :)