Friday, February 08, 2008

Random thoughts on a Friday night

Feet up. On couch. My legs and feet are soooo tired. Went on a good walk this morning, but really what did it was working a funeral reception at church all afternoon (from set up to cleanup). Groan. It was a lovely reception; maybe I can find all-black sport sandals to wear?

Love taking walks. Love, love, love taking walks. Last fall I was going on 30-minute walks two or three times a day. Loved walking, loved being outside and being active, loved the time with my own thoughts or a podcast of my choice. Due to ice storms, holiday activities, and more winter weather my walking routine has vanished, but I so love it and miss it that I gotta get back outside. At least -- every day the wind chill is no lower than 20F.

Knitting: I have three sock heels to turn and must seize some quiet time to get those heels turned. I love Ravelry. I've heard it called Facebook for knitters and crocheters. All I know is that I get inspiration and great ideas from the projects and the forums, so I knit more often and more consistently. Until I get stuck, like right now.

Lately I've been reminded that I really enjoy Japanese style, art, textiles, history, poetry, etc. There was a lot of Japanese influence around when I was growing up in Seattle in the 60s and 70s. A lot of Nordic influence, too, but that did not resonate with me at all. Funny how they can both be spare and minimal, and yet I really enjoy only one.

The sunroom is a wonderful place, now that there is a chair (plastic), a place to put down a cup of something to drink (utility shelf), growing plants to enjoy (poinsettias leftover at church, and my big pot of blooming, happy red geraniums and peppermint). I could spend every winter afternoon in there -- at least the ones with some sun. After I cleared out and set up the window-side half of the room, the boys suddenly began to go to the sunroom to do their independent schoolwork, and want to do lessons with me in there, too. Tonight I enjoyed the early evening light and sunset there, with my feet up on that utility shelf.

The boys had a ball today at our homeschooling organization's Valentine's roller skating party. They got to exchange valentines, eat treats, and do lots of skating with friends. As for me, I really enjoyed talking with all of the parents and kids I knew. It was very nice to realize we know quite a lot of people in our homeschooling organization. Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks to joining the new women's Bible study at church in December, I've been reading the letters of St. Paul, something I hadn't really done since early college. So far we're reading his letters in chronological order by when they were written. I forgot how much I love Philippians (is that one L or two?), and I now recall some of the ups and downs of Paul's writing in general. Starting this week we're taking a break from the letters in order to read a book about Paul, on the urging of a religious studies professor who gave a talk on Paul for us last week. The book is Paul: In Fresh Perspective, by N.T. Wright.

When my dear husband and older son were away for four days right after Christmas, camping with the Boy Scouts, I seriously dejunked and decluttered the house. Three or four paper grocery sacks of kids' clothes, toys, and videos were assimilated into friends' homes. Something like 12 small bags of clothes, mine and the boys', went in a thrift shop donation box. I rearranged book shelves, took care of paperwork piles, and I forget what all else. Oh, and dejunked and set up part of the sunroom for use. Wonderful!

In January the boys and I cleaned out both boys' rooms of the accumulated clutter, got rid of more stuff, boxed up a bunch of stuff for their closets for the time being, and suddenly they had space!!

Kind of like the walking, I can feel it when I'm not keeping up with the clutter vs. when I am. Keeping up is good, and deep cleaning and deep organizing is even better -- the house becomes so open and clear, and there is plenty of room for projects or just for visual serenity. On the other hand, slacking and letting it slide for a bit really has an impact on how I feel about the house.

After I get some planting medium, I'm going to try growing lettuces in the sunroom! If I get on a roll, I'll plant some summer veggie seeds -- tomatoes, peppers, etc. I have a new plan for our backyard garden beds this year, the ones that would be great as vegetable gardens but that I can never seem to tackle. First, though, I have to locate wheat straw bales and figure out how to get them home.


Melora said...

I hope you'll post a review of the book on Paul! I love N.T. Wright, and I have Paul, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet!

I came here from the WTM board -- I liked your milkshake tradtion!

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Anonymous said...

I know you don't blog regularly- but I just had to say HI. I am a mom of 4 boys.. and when I meet a mom of boys.. I feel an instant bond... YOU KNOW WHAT MY DAYS ARE LIKE!
Wishing you the best!
laura said...

haha, seems like you have had planned really nice activities in your summer. happy summers to you Barbara :)