Sunday, August 12, 2007

iPod fun with podcasts, but not what you think

Current track: Latinum, the Latin class: My Second Latin Lesson.

As the surprised recipient of a new-to-me iPod mini, I've spent a little time the last week or so figuring out what to listen to and how to set it up. At the moment music doesn't attract me as much as all of my neglected podcasts. The opportunity to listen to something interesting that I normally don't get around to makes grocery shopping, laundry, and general household chores MUCH more enjoyable!

This morning I'm particularly pleased because last night I figured out how to have little themed groups (playlists). So...

Barb's iPod playlists, mostly random selections of the unplayed podcasts on my laptop.

Somewhat brief:
- Night sky podcasts
- Knitting podcasts
- French lessons (trying to brush up on my school French)
- Latin readings (I want to get used to how it sounds)
- Latin lessons and Son2's Latin program readings
- Science podcasts
- Math podcasts
- History podcasts

Somewhat longer:
- NPR podcasts, a mix
- specific Diane Rehm shows
- specific Talk of the Nation shows

A few solo things, and long lectures and talks:

- The VerbCast: French verbs by relaxation
- Lecture: The Geography of World Cultures (Stanford)
- Lecture: Introduction to Virgil and the Aeneid (Stanford)
- Talk: Simple Delicious, by Frances Moore Lappe (Stanford)
- Lecture: The Appian Way, Rome's Road of Memory (Seattle Pacific U.)
- Lecture: Sustainability (Penn State)
- Talk: Food, Ethics, and the Environment series, with the authors of Fast Food Nation, What to Eat, and The Omnivore's Dilemma, and a vice president of McDonalds corporation (Princeton)
- Two Edge Talk -- Catholic podcast
- one Dave Ramsey show, to see what I think

I lovelovelove this. Perhaps this will draw me back to knitting a bit every day?

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