Sunday, May 06, 2007

Watching the weather

A quintessential weather-watching day at our house! It's Sunday afternoon, everyone is home and relaxing (well, that's actually sort of unusual in the spring), and dear husband and I are watching/listening to the television tuned to a local channel, for live coverage of the bad weather in far western Oklahoma. Meaning -- intense thunderstorms, big hail, and potential for tornadoes.

This is the third day of rough weather. The people in a south Kansas town lost most of their town to a tornado the night before last. Last night there was tornado damage in a little town in far western Oklahoma. Talking with some folks at church this morning we heard that the weather was firing up again in the very same area of western Oklahoma. Now, in mid-afternoon, it's shaping up to be a very active day all day... and to possibly arrive in our area in late afternoon or early evening.

I'm sure dear husband is conversing by computer with friends about the weather and probably has eight bazillion windows of current weather data open on his computer to review from time to time. Me, I'm happy with the TV info and the fact that the stormy weather is currently far from us.

Earlier I found and printed a map of the Oklahoma counties, because the weather radio alerts are typically by county and my memory is a bit hazy on that particular info.

The kids? They're playing games and eating a snack!

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