Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Play ball!

The practices have been scheduled. To get ready for the season, which starts in about two weeks (yikes), Son1 will have three practices per week, and Son2 will have two practices per week. Oh my. Now every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, at least one of our boys and a parent will be at a baseball field somewhere, and Saturday mornings too.

Well, that is, until the games start. Then our Friday evenings will often be booked as well. Shortly, we will be masters of the fast, light supper before several or all of us dash out the door, baseball gear and all.

Play ball!


will smama said...

I still remember wolfing down cheesesteaks and changing clothes in the car.

Have fun... and Good Luck!

andie said...

:) I saw your post on the wtm boards about meals. I'll be taking notes from all your responses, as we're getting into our season too. Baseball first, softball will start later this month and when they overlap is when we eat a lot of scrambled eggs at strange hours :)