Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random food notes

From the last week or so, here are some random food notes.

Lard-based pie crust: W-O-W. Just, wow. Crispy, flaky, a great counterpoint to our standard (Libby label recipe) pumpkin custard filling made with whole milk and cream. Which, by the way, was also quite delicious. To top that pumpkin pie with fresh-whipped cream was gilding the lily, in my opinion. And it's very nice to not worry about trans fats, hydrogenated everything, and preservatives. Got my lard from the farmer through our statewide food co-op.

Friend's sweet potato casserole -- yum!! Her combination of spices, plus the star anise scattered across the top, made it extra delicious. I want the recipe.

Sugared and savory crispy nuts: Love the sugar-and-spice crispy pecans! The almonds done the same way are much too crunchy, feh. Dear husband likes the savory crispy nuts, but they're too over the top for me. I'd rather tone down the spices a little for a better balance with the nut itself.

Cornbread baked in a skillet greased with lard: oh yeah. So crispy.

Baked cranberry-orange preserves: a seasonal favorite of mine, delicious as always. Great on toasted or room-temp pumpkin bread, or spooned over plain yogurt. Mmmmm. Shall post how to make it, shortly.

Pan-grilled Cheddar sandwiches with slices of Cuban bread: looked rustic and delicious (if you liked cheese, which I do not). This is my homemade Cuban bread, a dense bread I made tonight to go with our tomato soup dinner. Dear husband said it was a completely different sandwich from grilled Cheddar on store-bought bread, and sharp Cheddar would be better. Okay, and I'm just saying -- that plate of crusty grilled sandwiches looked as though it'd be really yummy, if one were an eater of cheese.

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