Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lemonade extras

Er, I forgot (no, I'm sure I blocked it out of my mind) a couple of additional lemonade moments.

1. Late on the second day the boys came inside, flushed with excitement, talking about how cool it was to... shoot lemonade out of their water gun (super blaster or some such thing). Mom goes slightly ballistic (hahaha I'm so punny), makes them put away all of the lemonade stand stuff (what is my pitcher doing in the yard?? put everything away right now!! you are done for the day!) and wash out the lemonade gun (arrrgh!) and strip off their lemonade-wet clothes and take showers. I guess that's what happens after a couple of hours of kids with a lemonade stand but no sales. Funny now, but not at the time!

2. I think this was a couple of days later. We had a pitcher of blue Kool-aid leftover, and Son1 was pouring some for himself and Son2 at the kitchen counter. He wasn't thrilled to be helping his brother, and he put Son2's straw in his cup with a little extra force. Hmmm, what happened next? BLUE DRINK EVERYWHERE.

Son1 tipped the cup by accident, and blue drink went all down Son2's front, onto his socks, the floor, the cupboard in front of him, the counter (under the toaster, under the coffeemaker, across the sink), and so on. Mom was especially unhappy about this. Son2 was upset to get wet and to lose all of that blue drink. Son1 was upset to have knocked over the cup AND to be cleaning it up to the accompaniment of Mom discovering More More More places the blue drink had gotten to. Another shower for blue-drinked Son2, and clothes to be washed immediately (very bright blue formerly white socks ended up speckly dark gray and thrown out--only later did I realize they would've been fine chalkboard cleaners). A clean floor area and cupboard front after Son1's work, and super cleaned-up kitchen counters (etc.) after my work. Ay-iy-iy. It's still not funny now, sigh. I'm enjoying the cleaned and cleared counters, but we haven't made any more Kool-aid... And so it goes.

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