Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring snow & sunshine

Nothing like the sight of snow outlining the branches of blooming redbuds and cherry trees and resting on all of the blossoms. So pretty! And I can appreciate the sight even more when the roads and sidewalks are safely bare and wet. Tonight the remaining wetness from an all-day melt will freeze, but it'll be gone pretty soon after that. The ephemeral snow of mid spring.

What's the state of the planted world in my town?

Done: Crocuses, early daffodils, flower stage of Bradford pear trees, flower stage of some Oriental magnolia trees, some forsythia.

Happening now: Redbud trees blooming, more daffodils, pussy willow, many trees greening up. Everyone's pansies and violas and johnny jump ups are in full flower.

Emerging: Early tulips, spirea blossoms, daylily leaves. The basal leaves of my coreopsis, Mexican hat, and Indian paintbrush seem to have greened up and increased?

Maybe, maybe, maybe I'll grow tomatoes, bell peppers, and beans in containers this year. And shuffle shrubs and perennials in my front garden. I seem to have skipped last year entirely, in the garden.

Ah, spring!

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